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Robert LaPorta

Robert LaPorta I was born in New York in 1952 and have always been interested in astronomy and space exploration. It was my dream as a small child, watching Alan Shepard and John Glen enter their capsules, to become an astronaut. Unfortunately due to my poor eyesight, such a dream was not to be. I turned to science and became a molecular biologist. During my time obtaining a Ph D, I married my wife Doretta and we have two wonderful boys.

Not being happy with the security offered by a life in research, I went to medical school and am now an anesthesiologist. My primary interests continue to be astronomy and the space program. I am lucky enough to be able to have a collection of meteorites (including a specimen from the moon) and flown objects from the Apollo moon landings.

I am convinced the Apollo project and our beginning exploration of the planets, is the most significant event of the 20th century, and will be the one event of our time recognized by our descendents thousands of years from now. We have been lucky to be alive at this time.

Robert LaPorta
May 2003