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Robert Stroessenreuther

Robert Stroessenreuther Born 1953 in Germany; micro-electronics and communications engineer; space enthusiast since youth.

I was a youngster back in 1969 who was totally motivated by the Apollo ventures so greatly demonstrating what was possible by technology; this also caused me to study engineering as a consequential step. Thus, I am still deeply grateful to all those NASA and JPL staff people, whether in the control room or back offices, or up front in the CM / LEM. Too bad it all ended up in 1972. So I'm reviving those glorious days now by using Martin Schweiger's 'Orbiter' Space Simulator with some 'Project Apollo' add-ons, allowing to fly all Apollo missions in quite some level of detail (they even have a programmable DISKY processor simulated in the CM and LEM model :-), and with enough 3D power in the PC, and some fiddling around with moon surface textures and Clementine height models I managed to 'visit' a simulated Taurus-Littrow, and Hadley, and all the other interesting places.

November 2011