Apollo Lunar Surface
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Tom Stohlman

I'm an Architect who also has a degree in Chemical Engineering, all MIT. I grew up in DC, watched Echo 2 from my physicist/neighbor's back yard, visited the first Air & Space Museum (a quonset hut on the Mall), built Revell models of all the manned spaceships, and simulated missions among tipped chairs and cardboard boxes in the basement.

These days, I grab an old Celestron 5 and make sure the Moon Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus are still there as often as I can.  Nothing like photons on the eyeball.

Attended GALCIT's 75th with my daughter Olive.  And Apollo's 40th with Buzz, Chris Kraft, and Harrison Schmidt (Neil was there too, modest as always) at MIT.

If I had to choose, I'd pick a clear night over a clear day anytime.

Olive is working on massive solar sails at Langley (coming back round to Echo).  As an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon she worked with Dan Harris on the Chandra Mission at the Harvard Smithsonian Observatory.

Tom and Olive Stohlman at GALCIT 75th

Tom and Olive Stohlman (GALCIT 2011 PhD, NASA Langley) at GALCIT 75th

Olive at Mount Wilson 60"

Olive at Mt. Wilson's 60-inch telescope

Olive S, Polly M., Katy S.

Olive explains early Apollo mission plans to her grandmother (Polly Malcom, JD)
and her mother (Katharine M. Stohlman, Material Scientist and MBA).

July 2014