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Pete's 12 O'Clock Pan

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 2002 by Eric M. Jones.
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Last revised 2 February 2006.


Pete's 12 o'clock pan (assembly by Dave Byrne) includes frames AS12-46- 6730 to 6745. Marv Hein has produced a VR version.

As Pete mentions at 118:27:12, he mistakenly took the pan at 15-foot focus instead of 74-foot focus.

Frame 6732 shows the larger of the two soil mounds that Pete and Al will investigate near the ALSEP deployment site. See, also, a labeled detail.

Frame AS12-46- 6736 shows Al documenting the Solar Wind Collector and probably taking AS12-47- 6899.

Frame AS12-46-6737shows the limp flag.

Frame 6741 shows the sunlit solar panels of Surveyor III.

Frame 6742 shows the southern wall of Surveyor Crater.

Frame 6743 was taken in the same direction as 6742 but aimed a bit lower.


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