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Pete's 8 O'Clock Pan

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 2002 by Eric M. Jones.
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Last revised 2 February 2006.


Pete's 8 o'clock pan includes frames AS12-46- 6764 to 6782.

The first three frames are all up-Sun's and suggest that it was at the start of the pan that Pete thought that his camera might be malfunctioning.

As Pete mentions at 118:27:12, he mistakenly took the pan at 15-foot focus instead of 74-foot focus.

Frame 6769 shows the deeply shadowed eastern wall of Surveyor Crater and, as indicated in a detail, the sunlit solar panels of Surveyor III. Frame 6777 shows that Pete is standing a foot or two below the LM.

Frames 6779 and 6780 show Al talking pictures of the plus-Y footpad.


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