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Alex Andina

I'm a retired engineer and a space flight enthusiast since my childhood. I live in Switzerland near the city of Locarno. My wife Elsa and I started a Centre of Treatment for Hedgehogs, which is now the biggest in Switzerland. We treat all injured, sick or orphaned animals that people bring to us; and, later, free them in the wild. People also bring us squirrels, foxes, beech-martens and other animals to cure and eventually free.


Alex, Elsa, and Friend

Alex, Elsa, and a Hedgehog
"The hedgehog we have in Switzerland and in neighboring countries is erinaceus europaeus."


Elsa and Visitor

Elsa and Alex introduced a visitor to two young hedgehogs.


Alex and Friend

Alex and Findus
" Findus is a young Red Squirrel, sciurus vulgaris, and his name is a bit of a joke.
There is a brand of food (for humans) in Switzerland called 'Findus';
and 'Findus' in German sounds a little bit like somebody
or something that has been found, as this squirrel was."


November 2007