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Simon Atkinson

Simon Atkinson I was born in November 1968 and so have been around ever since man first rode the Saturn V and left earth to travel around the moon. Unfortunately I must have been interested in other things way back in those days...like food and making noise, as my memory is a little lacking. However, since growing up a little I have always been totally fascinated with astronomy and spaceflight. My earliest memories include watching a BBC Horizon documentary about Skylab. A truly stunning piece of work. In those days the white of the EVA suits and the then new NASA Worm logo stuck in my mind. The images from the CSM flybys of the station, and the sight of the hastily rigged thermal blanket on Skylab billowing in the "breeze" from the RCS jets are classics. I keenly study the engineering aspects of both Apollo and Shuttle technology and have a keen eye for detail and accuracy. I am very interested in not only the technical, but also the way in which crews and the ground work and interact with each other.

I currently work as a Technical Author for Marconi Communications.

I enjoy photography and have had some work published. I am also very interested in space program photography and also the highspeed engineering film of rockets in flight.

I discovered and began reading the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal in October 1996 at University whilst I was studying for an Honours degree in Land and Water Engineering. I can spend quite a large amount of time surfing the ALSJ.

The picture of me here was taken at KSC. I was standing next to an F1 engine. I am 5 feet 9 inches tall but still my head only reaches the point where the nozzle extension reaches the gas generator manifold.

The size and complexity of the Apollo program is fascinating. The ALSJ is a pleasure to read. It is the best source of Apollo detail around and I am pleased to have made a contribution.