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J. Randy Attwood

Journal Contributor Randy Attwood
(seen below on the steps of LM-9):

J. Randy Attwood Lives in Mississauga, Ontario, with wife Betty, daughter Beth

Became interested in astronomy in 1970. Interested in astrophotography - especially photographing solar eclipses. Has witnesed 8 total eclipses of the sun. Served as President of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada from 1998-2000.

Became interested in space exploration 1969 (first lunar landing) Attended space shuttle launches (STS 2,3,5,7,8,9,41G, 52,74,77,78) and one landing (STS3) Began extensive research on Apollo in 1991 - co writing a book on the Apollo Lunar Module (publication date unknown)

Media experience - Produced/hosted an astronomy / space exploration cable television show 1981-1989 "Astronomy Toronto" Appeared on national news, talk shows to comment on astronomy, space exploration news items : Canada AM, CBC Newsworld, Discovery Channel

Professional - Mainframe programmer since 1979.