Cathy James
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Cathy James

Cathy James Catherine A. James received a Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University in 1989 and an MBA from the University of North Carolina in 2004. She worked at NASA's Johnson Space Center from 1989 to 1993 as an employee of contractor McDonnell Douglas Space Systems. Her projects during that period include analyses of Shuttle-C, Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle, robotic assembly of Space Station Freedom, and team lead on Tree Display Manager (TDM) 3D rendering software. In 1997 she was employed by Pioneer Rocketplane during its attempt to develop a reusable manned rocketplane that could dramatically lower the cost of satellite launches.

During the late 1990's, she spent several years doing commercial software development for a variety of technology firms, large and small. Cathy's proudest achievement was her work on OpenSite's "Dynamic Pricing Toolkit" and "AuctionNow" products; the latter won "Best of Show E-commerce" at Internet World 1999.

Cathy's interests and hobbies include history, especially the history of aviation and spaceflight; hiking and backpacking; kayaking; amateur radio (call sign N5WVR/0); exploring and mapping caves (she is an active member of the National Speleological Society); and flying (she holds a Private Pilot license).

Cathy is currently employed by General Mills as a Project Director in Consumer Insights, carrying out market research studies. She resides in Minnesota.

10 November 2004