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Justin Wigg

Journal Contributor Justin Wigg writes:

I am 28 (in 1999), born Melbourne, Victoria Australia, grew up in Sydney, New South Wales Australia, currently living in Hobart, Tasmania Australia. Oracle database applications developer for Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment, as well as professional musician (singer/guitarist) in rock band. Currently single (as all good musicians should be!). My interest in space flight began before I can remember. I can definitely recall watching ASTP on TV as a kid although I was only 4 years old (mainly because it was the first time Mum and Dad let me stay up past 7 'o clock!), but it was Skylab's re-entry and impact on Australian soil and then STS-1 a couple of years later that really got me hooked, and I was pretty excited about space until January 1986. In the two years between 51-L and STS-26, I basically lost all interest. I've never been sure why, it certainly wasn't because of disillusionment after Challenger or the like, mainly just that nothing much was happening. Found other interests (playing in bands basically) and spent a lot of time growing up never really thinking about it again until seeing "Apollo: To The Edge And Back" on TV a few weeks before "Apollo 13" opened at the cinema in 1995. Went and saw "Apollo 13" and that was it. I was back! I have been devouring more and more information ever since. Unfortunately, living in Australia means I'm removed from many of the resources those of you in the US have (like the actual hardware), but the web nearly makes up for that.