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Anders Kyhle

Journal Contributor Anders Kyhle writes:

Born in 1965 in Lund, Sweden, I grew up with the Apollo program. I'm told I watched the Apollo XI landing but have no distinct memory of the event. I have a vivid memory however of the Apollo XIII drama as well as many of the subsequent flights, some of which I watched from the family's summer home on a very small battery operated TV-set. A welcome distraction in a place that received about as many visitors as Fra Mauro.

Anders Kyhle I still live in Lund and I'm currently employed as technical manager of Naval Electronics, a company in the marine communications business. Before that I've worked as an electronics designer and even had a brief encounter with particle physics research.

Most of my spare time is committed to genealogy research but my motto being 'time and money is all I have' I find plenty of time for other things as well e.g. historical studies and model airplane aviation.

In the attached picture you see me in my Apollo Mission Control uniform, donned especially for the occasion.