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Karstein Lomundal

Karstein Lomundal I was born in Norway on 19 May 1949 and live in Stockholm, Sweden. I got interested in the Moon in 1956, and have been interested in spaceflight since 4 October 1957. Some weeks later I saw Sputnik 1's upper stage when it passed above my home in the sky. My main hobby since July 1964 is learning about the Apollo program, especially the technical aspects. I was fortunate to witness Apollo 8 on its way to the Moon on 21 December 1968, when the leftover liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen from the S-IVB was dumped and a slowly-expanding blue cloud was easily seen in the sky. I have written articles and given lectures in spaceflight and astronomy. As a minor hobby I enjoy drawing lunar features from the telescope. I have a MSc in electronics, and have designed electronics for several satellites.

April 2001