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Wolfgang Lucht

Journal Contributor Wolfgang Lucht writes:

I am interested in the 'geographic aspect' of these lunar travels, the phenomenon of 'being there' -- of witnessing a landscape not on earth, a moonscape. There are many crossconnections between place and identity, the extent of one's horizon (mental and physical) and one's ability to act responsibly. Problems of being an insider or an outsider, an onlooker or an inhabitant; viewing as a tourist or as one who has to sustain one's existence from or in a place, etc.

In following such thoughts for my own writing, rather than read summaries of these lunar travels, I would much rather have your full transcripts with comments on all the details and technicalities. (What we do not record today is lost for the future.)

Wolfgang Lucht I was born in 1964 in Germany, got excited by the Viking landings on Mars (1976), studied physics, worked with data from the twin Helios spacecrafts (launched in 1974 and 1976) on interplanetary particles and magnetic fields, worked for 5 years for NASA on science algorithms for the environmental earth observation sensor MODIS (launched 12/1999), and now (2001) I am working on using satellite observations for improving process models of the global biosphere in connection to global change research. I am also interested in landscapes, landscape perception, geographic identity, travels and translations.

Greetings from Potsdam, in Germany,


13 March 2001