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Owen Merrick

Journal Contributor Owen Merrick writes:

I'm an aircraft maintenance technician, 33 years old, and have been very interested in Apollo for many years. Most of the information I've been getting over the years is what I call the "canned" variety, mostly the same pictures, same facts, and out-of-context film clips. But the acquisition of this computer only 8 or 9 months ago has provided a literal EXPLOSION of available information to me. Some modern technology is definitely a good thing! Just as an example, Apollo 16 was somewhat of a mystery, as I never even so much as glimpsed even a rudimentary traverse map of their site. I only knew about the loss of the heat flow experiment-and even that was learned out of context. It was quite enjoyable to spend a couple hours a night for at least a week going through the 16 Journal, reading and listening to John and Charlie. I took a southern drawl to work a couple of times, earning a couple of wierd looks! There is still much to see.