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Joe Nastasi

Journal Contributor Joe Nastasi writes:

I am a multimedia designer whose main focus is web site and logo design. I also specializes in programming microprocessors for embedded applications. A life-long space flight history and technology enthusiast, I am also a Tripoli-certified high power rocketeer.

A longtime, passionate interest in space flight and spacecraft technology grew to a fever pitch when I first visited the Air & Space museum in 1981. I remember looking at John Glenn's capsule and literally laughing out loud in the middle of the museum! All the years dreaming of space flight built up an unrealistic expectation of what these things actually look like. I remember being both horrified and amused at Mercury's crudeness: exposed wiring and plumbing, clunky switches - that looked all too similar to ones I ripped out of old radio equipment as a child. Even the grease-pencil notes on the cockpit wall made Mercury look like the product of an Andy Hardy movie. You know how it goes: 'Mike's got an old radio, Jenny's dad has an old diving suit and we can use my grandpa's barn as Mercury Control'. I then spent the next decade researching not only Mercury, but Gemini, Apollo and many of the unmanned probes as well.

In 1994, I published "A-OK! The Wings of Mercury", a high fidelity simulation of the Mercury spacecraft. After a few years selling it on my own, offering two upgrades in the process, A-OK! The Wings of Mercury is being completely re-written from the ground up, adding new technologies and special features for it's new market, Education. The product is currently deep into development and is expected to be ready in July 2000. Additional information is available at: http://www.u-r-go.com. I have three children, and live in Central New Jersey at the shore. I enjoy plays keyboards and has a small studio and also has appeared in many local productions, playing the lead in 'Room Service', 'Bell. Book and Candle' and Oscar Madson in 'The Odd Couple'.