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Michael Saelz

Born 1953, raised up and still living at Frankfurt/Main river in the heart of Germany.

Married (still in love after 23 years), two daughters. Graduated in Electrical Engineering and working in the Automation Business with focus on Product Marketing. Blown through the world based on job requirements, working for a large US Company (whose name I will not mention) but 'bringing good things to life' ;-)

Michael Saelz Became attracted to space technology in the early 60s, aged 8 or so, when Yuri G. and Alan B.S. roared first in space. This became my special world as a kid. Read everything about this new technology. From first pictures of the LM in 1965 (aged 12) I constructed/folded paper models - thrown regardless away by Mom, cleaning up the mess in my room (ha ha, came over that).

This somehow paved the way to my engeneering studies....

During study times I wrote proudly a Lunar Lander Programme for my programmable TI calculator using a 1 sec real time interval for data output along with the original specs for weight, thrust, fuel....

I was very proud of Kurt Debus (former Director Kennedy Space Center), because he was born and raised in my hometown Frankfurt.

Nowadays I spend some free time on the ALSJ (big KUDO for Eric) or Kipp's page (Yes, a KUDO as well..), trying to contribute a little....

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April 2002