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Scott Schneeweis

Scott Schneeweis

Scott with his C-14 telescope

I am an active duty US Navy Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) who, as an off duty pursuit, acquires, preserves and documents spacecraft, launch vehicle and liquid rocket bi-propellant propulsion systems. In this capacity I also facilitate education and advocacy for the US Space Program by offering lectures on space history and hands-on access to artifacts to youth and institutions. I am also actively engaged in providing assistance with identification and establishing functionality of spacecraft hardware to national museums and other private collectors with a specific specialty in authentication of Apollo program artifacts.

My website offers an online venue for display of acquired artifacts and reflects interest areas in the U.S. Manned Space flight program (the Apollo Lunar and affiliated SATURN V, Gemini and Mercury, Skylab and ISS Programs), as well components from significant U.S. robotic and unmanned orbital mission.

Previous tours of duty during my Navy career have included the Aircraft Carrier USS Forrestal (CV-59), Guided Missile Cruiser USS Belknap (CG-26), a very short stint onboard Battle Ship USS Iowa (BB-61), Tender USS Puget Sound (AD-39), The 3rd Fleet Flagship USS Coronado (AGF-11), (2) NATO tours in Northern Europe, the 6th Fleet Flagship USS Lasalle (AGF-3) the 7th Fleet Flagship USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19), Pearl Harbor Hawaii (Officer in Charge of the Pacific Command Contingency C4I Package). I currently resides with my Canadian born wife, Danielle, and English Cocker Spaniel, Einstein, in Southeastern Arizona (Sierra Vista) and welcome contact through my website or via e-mail to Schneeweis addy

August 2008