Thierry Bisiaux

Thierry Bisiaux

I was born the 05/16/1961 in Paris (France). I am divorced since 2003 and we have two boys Quentin (1992) and Clément (1995).

I am an engineer in the French nuclear powerplant builder Framatome. I am in charge of safety studies methodology.

My main hobby is learning about space exploration. This passion is an old story. I was 7 years old during the Apollo 8 flight. I will never forget the first orbit around the far side of the moon; the suspense was terrible. At that time my family did not have TV; we only had radio. I remember very well that I was very excited and anxious till the french speaker said "all is ok". Since that day I have absorbed everything about space that I can watch, read, collect, and learn.

Here in France it is difficult to obtain valuable information, but now with the Net, the window is open and I spent a lot of time on the NASA site and other space sites. Reading the ALSJ has been for me an incredible source of information.

When I am not busy with my children or with the space, my other hobbies are Formula 1 racing and wine purchase (french culture oblige...).

January 2006