Lunar and Command Modules

These collections are not meant to be exhaustive; they are meant to get researchers started in the right direction. Further, only content specific to the topic, and created or sponsored by NASA is included in these pages. Content that spans topics, such as books that cover the entirety of Apollo, is included elsewhere in the site.

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Apollo 9 Command Module

Apollo 11 Command Module

Apollo 17 Command/Service Module

NASA Flickr Lunar Module

Image and Video Library (Over 1,300 results for lunar module and 5,000 for command module. Please use search bar.)

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Interviews and Oral History

Interview with James A. McDivitt

Oral histories, Lunar Module

Oral histories, Command and Service module

Open the PDF, and click either on the PDF symbol or the Record Number to open.

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Other Resources

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The NTRS has several thousand documents relating to the Lunar and Command Modules.

National Archives records on Lunar and Command Modules

These entries include photographs, videos, engineering reports, presentations, and memoranda relating to the development and use of Lunar and Command Modules.