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Humans to Mars

Humans to Mars: Fifty Years of Mission Planning, 1950-2000 (NASA SP-2001-4521) by David S. F. Portree. A complete PDF version of Monograph 21.

Humans to Mars is also available to be downloaded by chapter. The low-res version is best for Web viewing. The hi-res version is best for printing.

· Front Matter (Title Page, Table of Contents, Foreward, Preface) low high
· Chapter 1 low high
· Chapter 2 low high
· Chapter 3 low high
· Chapter 4 low high
· Chapter 5 low high
· Chapter 6 low high
· Chapter 7 low high
· Chapter 8 low high
· Chapter 9 low high
· Chapter 10 low high
· Acronyms low high
· Endnotes low high
· Bibliography low high
· About the Author low high
· Index low high
· NASA History Monographs low high

Link to Romance to Reality: Moon and Mars Mission Plans Website by the private, non-profit Mars Institute.


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