Vol. 15, No. 2 Spring 1998


NASA History Publication Wins Prize
New NASA History Publications Available
- Wingless Flight: The Lifting Body Story
-Exploring the Unknown: Selected Documents in The History of the U.S. Civil Space Program, Volume III, Using Space
Forthcoming NASA History Publications
-NACA/NASA Collier Trophy R&D Projects
-Legislative Origins of NASA Monograph
-NASA Human Space Flight, A Record of Achievement, 1961-1998 Monograph
-An Historical Overview of NASA's Forty Years
-Sputnik, NASA , and the Origins of the Space Age
-Astronautics and Aeronautics, 1991-1995
-History of Marshall Space Flight Center
Forthcoming NASA History Books Published by Other Presses
- Frontiers of Space Exploration
-NASA & the Exploration of Space
-Planetary Astronomy history
-NASA/Industry Relations in the Space Program
Space Flight Bibliography Available
Upcoming NASA History Contract
New NASA History Office Scanning Equipment
NASA History on the Internet
Upcoming NASA History Web Sites
News From the Centers
Summer Interns Named
Internship Opportunity
Weitekamp to Speak on Lady Astronaut Trainees
Apollo 11 Memories Sought for TV Production
AIAA Seeks Nominations for Manuscript Prize
Calls for Papers
Centennial of Flight Meeting
Other Upcoming Meetings


To See the Unseen: A History of Planetary Radar Astronomy (NASA SP-4218) by Andrew J. Butrica, a history of a little-known but important field in space science, was recently awarded the prestigious Leopold Prize. The prize, awarded bi-annually by the Organization of American Historians (OAH), is given for the best book written by historians outside academe. Named for 1976-77 OAH president Richard W. Leopold, the prize was first awarded in 1984. The Leopold Prize was designed to improve contacts and relationships within the historical profession where history-trained scholars hold distinguished positions in governmental agencies.

To See the Unseen explores the development of radar astronomy within the context of the larger community of scientists, a unique capability brought about over the past 50 years. This history was published by the NASA History Division in 1996 and is for sale for $26.00 (domestic postpaid), $32.50 (non-U.S.) by the U.S. Superintendent of Documents, PO Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954. FAX: 202-512-2250, Phone: 202-512-1800 (7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Eastern Time). Order stock number 033-000-01163-6. This book may also be purchased from the NASA Information Center, Code CMI-1, NASA Headquarters, 300 E. Street SW, Room 1H23, Washington, DC 205446-0001, or call 202-358-0000. Order SP-4218, $26.00 hardcover with dustjacket.


Wingless Flight: The Lifting Body Story (NASA SP-4220, 1998) by R. Dale Reed tells the dramatic story of the most unusual flying machines ever flown. Eight different lifting body configurations were flown at the NASA Flight Research Center (FRC-predecessor of the Dryden Flight Research Center) at Edwards, California from 1963 to 1975. These wingless wonders, precursors of today's Space Shuttle, the X-33, and the X-38, were all considered flying prototypes or models of future spacecraft that could land like an airplane after the searing heat of reentry from space. Wingless Flight can be purchased for $25.00 from the Government Printing Office using VISA or Mastercard by calling 202-512-2250 or by sending a check payable to the Superintendent of Documents to: PO Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954. Order stock number: 033-000-01191-1.

Exploring the Unknown: Selected Documents in the History of the U.S. Civil Space Program, Volume III, Using Space (NASA SP-4407, 1997), was edited by John M. Logsdon, with Roger D. Launius, David K. Onkst, and Stephen J. Garber, and published in June 1998. This work consists of about 150 key documents relating to the space age grouped by topic and arranged chronologically. The major sections of this volume include the evolution of satellite communications, the development of remote sensing, and the economics of space exploration and commercialization. This book can be purchased by calling the Government Printing Office at 202-512-2250.


Pamela E. Mack is the editor of a collected work on the 19 NACA/NASA research projects that have received the prestigious Collier Trophy. This award was first received by the agency in 1929 for advances by NACA in engine cowling design, and most recently in 1993 for the Hubble Servicing Mission. >From Engineering Science to Big Science: The NACA/NASA Collier Trophy Research Project Winners (NASA SP-4219) is slated for publication in August 1998.

The NASA History Division will be publishing for NASA's fortieth anniversary a work entitled The Legislative Origins of the National Aeronautics and Space Act: A Collective Oral History (Monographs in Aerospace History, No. 8). It will consist of a group oral history by key participants in the effort made in 1958 to write and pass the legislation that created NASA. July 1998 is the scheduled publication date.

NASA Human Space Flight, A Record of Achievement, 1961-1998 (Monographs in Aerospace History, No. 9), will update an earlier publication that lists each of the human space flight missions flown by NASA since Alan Shepard's first flight in 1961. July 1998 is the scheduled publication date.

The NASA History Division will be publishing a 6 page fact sheet entitled An Historical Overview of NASA's Forty Years, by Stephen J. Garber, in July 1998. This will be a standard fact sheet on the history of the Agency.

Sputnik, NASA, and the Origins of the Space Age (Monographs in Aerospace History, No. 10) will appear in August 1998. This monograph, containing a narrative and key documents on the origins of the Agency, will be issued in conjunction with the fortieth anniversary of NASA.

Astronautics and Aeronautics, 1991-1995 (NASA SP-4028), by Ihor Gawdiak and Charles Schettler, will be the latest volume in this continuing series of reference chronologies. We anticipate publishing this volume in late 1998.

We anticipate publishing Power to Explore: A History of the Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA SP-4312), by Andrew J. Dunar and Stephen P. Waring, in spring 1999. This history analyzes the development of Marshall from its origins as an army center, through the Wernher von Braun era, to the present.


Frontiers of Space Exploration (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1998), by Roger D. Launius, will appear in the "Critical Events in the Twentieth Century" series in July 1998. It consists of introductory essays on specific themes in space exploration, a collection of key documents, biographical sketches of influential people, a detailed chronology of space exploration, and an annotated bibliography that includes both books and electronic media. It is a reference work that is geared to upper level high schoolers and undergraduate collegiates. This book is available for $39.95 from Greenwood Publishing Group, 88 Post Road West, Box 5007, Wesport, CT 06881, 203-226-3571.

NASA & the Exploration of Space, by Roger D. Launius and Bertram Ulrich, is due out in September 1998. This book covers NASA's 40 years of exploration with beautiful reproductions of works from the NASA Art Collection accompanied by informative narrative text. NASA & the Exploration of Space also includes a foreward by Senator John Glenn and sidebar narratives from a number of well-known astronauts. This book is being published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang in New York City.

Ronald A. Schorn's Planetary Astronomy: From Ancient Times to the Third Millenium is due out in September 1998. Published by Texas A&M University Press, this book discusses the history of ground- and space-based astronomy, with a focus on the twentieth century.

Joan L. Bromberg's NASA/Industry Relations in the U.S. Space Program, 1958-1990 will be the latest volume in the Johns Hopkins University Press New Series in NASA History. Projected to be available Spring 1999, this book analyzes the relationship between NASA and its contractors from NASA's founding through the release of the seminal Augustine Commission Report in 1990.


The Literary Legacy of the Space Age: An Annotated Bibliography of pre-1958 Books on Rocketry and Space Travel by Michael L. Ciancone is the first comprehensive biliography of early space flight literature. An extensively revised and updated version of a 1994 version, this bibliography covers relevant works in western European languages. Softcover copies are available for $20 plus $3 shipping and handling for U.S. addresses ($5 outside the U.S.) from Amorea Press, Box 258, 2323 Clear Lake City Blvd. #180, Houston, TX 77062.


The NASA History Division is soliciting offers for the small purchase of a scholarly book on the "faster, better, cheaper" management approach. For more information about this contract, please see on the Web. Responses are due 22 June 1998.

The NASA History Division is also soliciting offers for a scholarly book on the history of the Deep Space Network. For more information, see Responses are due 22 June 1998.

Finally, the NASA History Division is soliciting offers for a scholarly book on the history of the Centaur upper stage rocket. For more details, see Responses are due 13 July 1998.


A new database and imaging equipment is now being tested for implementation this summer. Consequently, our existing Inmagic system will be replaced by a Basis Plus database. Discrete parts of the History Office Collection such as the Mission Operations Reports (MOR) will be scanned and searchable through Basis Plus by researchers onsite.


Due to increased public attention brought about by two new movies, we have posted information on the history of meteors, comets, and asteroids that could impact on Earth. Jason Pates, a summer intern, has prepared an informative summary of cosmic Earth impacts, as well as a bibliography and page with useful links to related Web sites. The narrative summary is at, the bibliography is at and the links page is at

The NASA History Office is pleased to announce that we have placed on-line another book in the NASA History Series, NASA SP-4215, First Among Equals: The Selection of NASA Space Science Experiments. It was written by John E. Naugle, former NASA Chief Scientist, and published in 1991. It is now available on the World Wide Web at We thank Chris Gamble for formatting this book for the Web.

NASA's Ames Research Center has a new Lunar Prospector site that includes a section on lunar history. This lunar history page is on-line at


Beyond the Atmosphere: Early Years of Space Science (NASA SP-4211), by Homer E. Newell, will be placed on-line in July 1998. It contains a history of the space science NASA has learned during its early years of exploration.

This summer the NASA History Division plans to post a special Web site devoted to NASA's 40th anniversary. We expect that the site will include key documents, supporting narrative information, photos, and perhaps other multi-media information.


The Kennedy Space Center Archives has begun scanning its collection of historical documents in a PDF format for electronic access, enabling researchers and the general public to view full text documents. A PDF viewer will permit printing of documents in high quality paper copies. The first group of documents includes NASA Press Kits developed by the Public Affairs Office to provide the news media with detailed information on a particular space flight mission. The second group of documents includes program directives that specified how Apollo, Skylab, ASTP, or Launch Operations objectives were implemented.

The KSC Archives selected photographs for the NASA Image eXchange (NIX) web site. The photographs depict KSC activities on launch operations, facility construction and payload activities. The web site for the NIX program is located at

NASA Ames Research Center recently launched a history project to produce a book in time for its 60th anniversary celebrations in December 1999. Glenn Bugos will write the book, which will be well-illustrated and focus on the Ames style of research management. Project archivist Helen Rutt is collecting records and improving the finding aids to Ames records at the National Archives and Records Administration. Learn more about the Ames History Project via e-mail at

The Lewis Research Center has received a request from Dr. Harry Friedman in Memphis, TN. Dr. Friedman is the archivist for the Memphis Belle Memorial Association and is currently searching for information and photos of the Memphis Belle. If any of the other centers has information on the Memphis Belle please contact Kevin P. Coleman via e-mail at


The NASA History Division is pleased to announce three new interns for summer 1998. Jason Pates is a public policy graduate student from Pepperdine University, Nick Siler is a political science undergraduate from American University, and Tara Gray is an American history undergraduate from Texas A&M University. Special thanks to Tara for editing and to Nick for formatting in html this issue of NASA History News and Notes. Welcome aboard!


The NASA History Division currently has an internship program for undergraduates. We are looking for interns for the fall 1998 semester. The unpaid internship would be approximately 20 hours per week. College sophomores and juniors are preferred. The intern will have the opportunity to take on significant responsibility in editing, doing research, answering information requests, and preparing documents in HTML for the World Wide Web. See htm on the Web for more information.


Margaret Weitekamp, the current NASA/AHA Aerospace History Fellow, will speak on "The Right Stuff, The Wrong Sex: The Science, Culture, and Politics of the Lady Astronaut Trainees, 1959-1963" on 17 June 1998 at the National Air and Space Museum. The talk will take place at 10 a.m. in the director's conference room.


What are your most vivid memories of Apollo 11? What did Apollo 11 mean to you then? And now? A nationally-known television production company is developing a new documentary special commemorating the 30th anniversary of Apollo 11. Currently they are collecting personal stories and recollections. Were you working for NASA at the time? Or perhaps you were a junior high school student, following the mission on TV? Wherever you were, and whatever your story, the producers want to hear from you! Write to Bill Einreinhofer at National Video Center, 460 W. 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036. The e-mail address after 15 June is


The AIAA is now accepting nominations for its History Manuscript Award. The requirements are: manuscripts for this award must be in English and not be previously published anywhere as a book; manuscripts previously published in part in periodical form are eligible; manuscripts may be written by one or more authors; manuscripts should be substantial historical studies of book length, but no longer than approximately 100,000 words; manuscripts must be typewritten and double-spaced. Illustrations may be submitted, but are not necessary for judging. The deadline date for nominations for this award is 1 July 1998. To request nomination forms or additional information, please contact Katy Scheuerman, Honors and Awards Liaison, at 703/264-7623 or via e-mail at or Tony Springer, History Committee Co-chair at 205/544-1571 or via e-mail at tony.springer


The Program Committee of the National Council on Public History invites submission of papers, sessions, workshops, media presentations and other informational formats for the 1999 annual meeting. Although the committee welcomes proposals on any subject, the theme of the meeting encourages presentations that deal with the various ways in which historians interact with the public, the multicultural and multidisciplinary aspects of public history, and the role historians play in the public education process. Individual proposals and fully organized sections are both welcome; the Program Committee reserves the right, however, to organize proposals to fit the program. The deadline for proposals is 31 August 1998. Current membership in the National Council on Public History is strongly recommended for all participants. Conference registration is required for all speakers. For additional information, contact NCPH Executive Offices, Cavanaugh 32, 425 University Boulevard, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-5140, phone 317-274-2716, or via e-mail at

Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences is a new journal whose first issue will be published in 1998. The journal will be devoted to historical, sociological, philosophical and ethical aspects of life and environmental sciences, of the sciences of mind and behavior, and of the medical and biomedical sciences and technologies. Please send contributions to Marina Frasca-Spada, Associate Editor, Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge, Free School Lane, Cambridge CB2 3RH, UK, e-mail: mfs10@cam.


"The World Takes Flight" is a major conference on aviation/aerospace history scheduled for 1-3 October 1998, at Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio. Focusing on the first century of powered flight, the conference will include presentations on three thematic areas: Flight and Society; Flight and Public Policy; and Flight Technology. Conference attendees will also have the opportunity to examine Wright State University's Wright Brothers Archives and visit Dayton's historic aviation sites. For more information, write to the Aviation History Conference, Conferences and Events, Rm. E180 Student Union, Wright State University, Dayton, OH 45434-0001. The complete agenda and registration materials are also on-line at on the Web.


The second annual Los Alamos International Conference on the Cold War will take place on 9-12 August 1998. Contact Marjorie Bell Chambers, Conference Chair, 336 Andanada, Los Alamos, NM 87544, e-mail

On 18-22 August 1998 the 25th Symposium of the International Committee for the History of Technology (ICOHTEC) will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. Contact: Prof. Carroll Pursell, History Dept., Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH 44106, e-mail:

On 19-23 August 1998, a conference on Problems in the Historiography of Recent Science, Technology, and Medicine will take place in Denmark. Contact Thomas Soderqvist, Division of Philosophy and Theory of Science, Roskilde University , Box 260, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark, e-mail

On 23-26 September 1998 the annual Society of Experimental Test Pilots Symposium will be held in Beverly Hills, CA. Contact the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, 44814 N. Elm Avenue, Lancaster, CA 93534, 805-940-0398, e-mail

The National Archives and Records Administration is cosponsoring a conference with the University of Maryland on 25-26 September 1998. The conference, "The Power of Free Inquiry and Cold War International History," will take place in College Park, MD. Contact Tim Wehrkamp by e-mail at or by calling 301-713-6655 x 229.

On 15-18 October 1998 the Journal of Policy History will host a conference in St. Louis, MO. Contact Policy Conference, Journal of Policy History, St. Louis University, 221 N. Grand Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108.

The biennial meeting of the History and Philosophy of Science Association will be held on 21-23 October 1998 in Kansas City, MO. Contact Don Howard, Chair, PSA 1998 Program Committee, History and Philosophy of Science Association, 346 O'Shaughnessy, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556, e-mail

The United States Air Force Academy's 18th Military History Symposium: "Future War: Coalition Operations in Global Strategy" will be held in Colorado Springs, CO on 21-23 October 1998. For more information, visit or contact Captain George Stamper at 719-333-3622, e-mail:

On 28 October-1 November 1998 the Society for the Social Studies of Science and the Environmental Studies Association of Canada will host a conference on "Science, Technology and the Rise of Nature," in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Contact Gary Bowden, Chair 4S/ESAC Conference, Department of Sociology, University of New Brunswick, Box 4400, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada E3B 5A3, fax 506-453-4659, e-mail

The national meeting of the American Astronautical Society will be held 16-19 November 1998 in Houston, TX. For more information contact AAS, 6352 Rolling Mill Place, Ste. #102, Springfield VA 22152, 703-866-0020.

The Department of the Interior and the San Diego Natural History Museum are cosponsoring the Second Conference on Partnership Opportunities for Federally-Associated Collections on 18-20 November 1998 in San Diego. Contact Ronald Wilson, Museum Policy Manager, Department of the Interior, Mail Stop 5512, 1849 C Street NW, Washington, DC 20240, 202-208-3438, e-mail

On 19-22 November 1998 the Social Science History Association will hold its annual conference in Chicago, IL. Contact Thomas J. Sugrue, Department of History, University of Pennsylvania, 3401 Walnut Street, 352B, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228, 215-898-0293, fax 215-573-2089, e-mail

On 7-10 January 1999 the American Historical Association will hold its annual meeting in Washington, DC. For further information contact the American Historical Association, 400 A Street, SE, Washington, DC 20003, 202-544-2422.

On 22-25 April 1999 the Organization of American Historians will meet in Toronto, Ontario Canada. For further information contact: Organization of American Historians, 112 Bryan Street, Bloomington, IN 47408, 812-855-7311, fax: 812-855-0696, e-mail:

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