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logo for the Federal Communications CommissionAll FCC accomplishments in space during FY 2001 were related to communications and Earth observation satellites. The FCC formulates rules to facilitate and regulate the U.S. domestic satellite industry and the licensing of all stations and satellite launches. Internationally, the FCC continued to coordinate satellite placement with other countries. FCC specific accomplishments are outlined for FY 2001.

The FCC issued construction authorizations and authorized a number of launches of communications satellites. There were 34 Ka-band Geostationary Orbit/Fixed Satellite Service (GSO/FSS) satellites authorized for construction. In the C/Ku bands, the FCC authorized SES Americom for two satellites which were launched in October and December 2000.

The FCC granted operational licenses to The Boeing Company, Celsat America, Inc., Constellation Communications Holdings, Inc., Globalstar, L.P., Iridium LLC, Mobile Communications Holdings, Inc., ICO Services Ltd., and TMI Communications and Company, L.P., in the 2 GHz band. An Earth Exploration Satellite Service (EESS) license was granted to AstroVision, and the DirecTV 5 space station license was granted in November 2000. In addition, 34 Ka-band GSO/FSS satellites were licensed to 11 companies.

Several satellites authorized by the FCC became operational during FY 2001. These were VITA, a little LEO licensee; and EarthWatch, an EESS licensee. Also, XM Radio began providing Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service broadcast in September 2001.

During FY 2001, the FCC was also active in international satellite coordination with Argentina, Brazil, Canada, ESA, INTERSPUTNIK, Mexico, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and Venezuela in the C/Ku-band. Other coordination meetings were also concluded with Japan, Norway, and the Russian Federation.

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