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The Apollo Program

NASA Links About Apollo:

Non-NASA Links About Apollo:

  • Apollo and the Smithsonian Institution: An interesting exhibit about Project Apollo created by the National Air and Space Museum.
  • Boeing Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Apollo 11:  A site about Boeing North American (the former Rockwell aerospace units) and McDonnell Douglas, and their roles in helping to make possible the first Moon landing.
  • The Apollo Mode Decision: A good private site at Clemson University on the debate over the method of flying to the Moon with Project Apollo.
  • "To the Moon" The companion Web site to the two-hour NOVA special that chronicles the untold science and engineering story of how we got to the moon. The program was broadcast on PBS at 8 pm on July 13,1999.
  • "Washington Goes to the Moon": A two-part radio program that deals with the political story of the acquiring and sustaining of support of the Apollo lunar landing program in the 1960s. Produced by WAMU-FM, the public radio station of the American University in Washington, D.C., the show's web site also has transcripts of the two programs, on-line documents, and transcripts of interviews with key personnel.
  • Apollo at American Samoa: Some interesting information about the Apollo missions that landed near and then passed through American Samoa.
  • Apollo Saturn Reference Page: Detailed technical information about the Saturn Launch Vehicles for modelers and space buffs, by a private enthusiast.
  • Contact Light: A personal recollection of the Apollo missions to the Moon.  This site by a private enthusiast includes some cool video and audio clips, a lunar landing simulator game, and reference tables.
  • Where Were You?   This web site is dedicated to collecting memories from the various points of view of people who where alive during the historic landing of Apollo 11.
  • "One Giant Leap" commemorates the anniversary of Apollo 11 with a visual journey and interesting facts and data.
  • First Moon Landing in 1969 marked an entire generation: Memories of the first moon landing.
  • Apollo 11 Commentary: Contains the complete audio air to ground transmissions in streaming format.
  • Virtual AGC and AGS Home Page Project Overview: A page devoted to the Apollo guidance computer.
  • A page of original audio of a handful of meetings and phone calls that President Nixon had with the crews of Apollo 15, 16, and 17. One can find the digitized versions of the original audio, as well as summaries of the conversations here.

On-line Books Concerning Project Apollo:

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