Richard Frost

Richard Frost (1916-1996) graduated from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute in 1940 and went to work as a test pilot for Bell Aircraft in 1943. He also worked as an engineer for Bell and was assigned to the X-1 project, where he taught Chuck Yeager about the plane. Frost left Bell in 1949 and began working as an engineer for Stanley Aviation in Buffalo. He was promoted to flight manager in 1954 and moved to Denver. In 1960, he started his own company, Frost Engineering, known for developing equipment and pilot safety devices for the Air Force and Army. Mr. Frost retired in 1986, but remained active with his company until it was sold in 1994. See "Richard Frost, 79, Flier and Engineer Devoted to Pilot Safety,"Rocky Mountain News, November 8, 1996.


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